‘Lovers Leap’ is Alex’s seventh album, featuring John Firth, Jim Eliot and Al Cooper.

1.The Last Song 2.The Harmony 3.Sea Air 4.Sweetness 5.We Are On Your Side 6.Helium 7.Far From Home 8.Storm 9.Ballad For One. 10.Look After Your Love
11.Bats Fly Like Night Swallows 12.Skipping School


‘Lost Songs’ is a collection of ten tunes that were recorded between 1995 and 2002 and have been unreleased until now! There are some awesome performances and a raw urgency throughout the album. Featuring Chuck Norman, Dylan Howe, James Watson, David Watson and many more…

1.Word’s Out 2.One Piece Of You 3.Shiver 4.Hallelujah 5.Tomorrow 6.Never Go Back 7.Two Weeks Now 8.Come On In 9.Aftermath 10.Different For Boys

‘A Is For…’ is Alex’s fifth album on Struck Dumb Records. Recorded on the Welsh/English border in 2010…. Featuring the fantastic single ‘Light Years’… It’s a lusher, fuller sounding recording than the last two albums and features contributions from Christian Pattemore, Sam Pattemore, Al Cooper, Emma Brown and Ben Thomas.

1.A Is For… 2.Light Years 3.Goodbye 4.Shut Up 5.Earthquakes And Storms 6.My Heart Is In Your Heart 7.Hummingbird 8.Joyriding 9.Overtime 10.Try Being Me.

‘A Short Album About Love’ is an experiment in songwriting minimalism… featuring twelve highly edited classic songs, including the YouTube smash hit ‘Hurricane’.  A concept album of sorts, the idea was to deliver maximum emotional punch using as little padding as possible.   The Album was recorded very quickly, relying on spontaneous decisions, each song was completed in less than a day and includes Christian Pattemore, Sam Pattemore, Al Cooper and a host of friends…

1.Hurricane 2.Trapdoor 3.Sing A Happy Song 4.Ghost 5.Tangled Up In You 6.One Way Ticket 7.Golden Valley Girl 8.The Widow Swan 9.Born In A Submarine 10.Forbidden Fruit 11.Swoon 12.Old Man.

‘Tardis is Heart’ is Alex’s folkiest album, featuring resonator and high strung guitars, banjos and a stripped back rhythm section. Twelve beautifully crafted songs, thoughtfully performed and arranged  make this a very rewarding listen.

1.Tardis Heart 2.Butterfly 3.Sorrow 4.Got To Get You Back 5.Trampoline 6.Full Moon 7. 45 Celsius 8.This Is Not A Love Song 9.When I Dream 10.Whatever Street 11.Lucky Boy 12.One Step Away

‘Local History’ was Alex Valentine’s first full length Album… featuring the radio hit ‘Sunshine’ which was first championed by Bob Harris, followed by Jonathan Ross, Jonnie Walker and many  other radio DJs.

1.Spinning Wheel 2Sunshine 3.The One You Want 4.Good Enough To Eat 5.Sleep 6.Truckstop Diner 7.Struck Dumb 8.Lovelost Letter Home 9.Weed And Whisky 10.Did I Try Too Hard? 11.Colour Of My Mood 12.Wasters And Freaks.